Space Sweepers: Five Reasons You Must Watch The Brand-New Netflix Korean Sci-Fi Film

Let me begin by saying that is not just about the Korean wave that has taken over people since the lock-down began. This post is about identifying what this movie is too amazing to miss out on.

I am not a huge fan of sci-fi. So, if you think my reasons won’t be convincing enough to watch a kick-ass sci-fi film, then you must keep reading. Space Sweepers might be similar in a way to movies that has preceded it, but it is still different. Think of it as going on a date to the same restaurant but with a different person. The place is the same, you might even order the same three-course meal, yet, it is different and somehow better?

Before I dive into why you should be on Netflix by now, clicking on the “play’ button, let me give you a synopsis of the plot.

Disclaimer: Spoilers are the worst. People who spoil movies are the worst. So, I will be kind and give you a heads-up in case there’s a spoiler running your way.

Space Sweepers: What it is about

The movie is set in a time when Earth cannot take humans’ crap any longer and is hitting back. We wear bigger masks, lose jobs and now the travel is worse than the commute from the Bangalore airport to the city. Now, people have to travel to outer space. Sounds cool? Well, not so much.

Space Sweepers are on the bottom of this new, improve yet crappy food chain. You got the rich and the poor. The middle class have jobs that keep the rich happier and safer.

Set in the year 2092, UTS Corporation (run by a white male) has replicated Earth on Mars and only takes those who are truly deserving. The plot follows the crew of a space junk collector ship called The Victory (a Korean ship). But their lives take a huge turn when they discover a humanoid child robot named Dorothy that’s known to be a weapon of mass destruction. The team is caught between two warring teams who want Dorothy.

Five Reasons You Must Watch Space Sweepers

1. The Diverse and Beautiful Cast

I think inventors should take a note or two and develop this hearing aid through which people can understand any language. Koreans speak Korean, while the German speaks German and they all communicate on cue.

The Space Sweepers range from Arabs, Germans, Chinese, Korean, American, African to Indian! This was such a treat to the eyes. I cannot let it go unnoticed.

In one particular scene, Asians and African-Americans stand-up against the White man fulfilling his own agenda. Now this is just my interpretation and I mean no offense to anyone but, I thought it was symbolic. The cultural diversity shone through the pressure of a self-centered, power-hungry individual.

2. Gender Who?

Captain Jang (source: ZapZee)

Robot Bubs will make you question if you’re awesome enough or not. Robot Bubs wants a body to be human, at least from the outside, and doesn’t take nonsense from the humans. This character is amazing because at first (SPOILER ALERT) Bubs appears to be a male. But as the film progresses, Bubs is seen with makeup and identifying as a woman.

Robot Bubs

James Sullivan is the founder of UTS Corporation and the textbook example of ‘everything is wrong with the world and I`m the solution’. He will kill people, torture them and literally turn into a monster, but still thinks of himself to be a god.

James Sullivan (CEO of UTS Corporation)

Irrespective of this, he gave me Steve Jobs vibes and this is restricted only to his appearance, not leadership and ideologies.

3. Racing Around in Space is Fun

4. Romance-Free

Even with the absence of romance, the comic factor is not lost in the space-chaos. The film is not made to get you to roll on the floor laughing, but the acting is so pure that it effortlessly, makes you chuckle here and there. But don’t push the tissue-box too far away. You’ll need it.

5. Backstory for All

Source: Metro-Style

Some reviewers are of the opinion that while the space-action is amazing, the plot is not so exciting. I wouldn’t entirely agree with this. Yes, the climax was a bit dramatic and the ending might either leave you satisfied, confused or saying “I knew it”.

The story-telling could’ve gone so many ways. As a viewer, I could have been confused and repelled by the exaggeration of a story being set so far away from now and life on Mars. But I was enamored by the unfolding of the story that made up for the lack of satisfaction regarding the ending.

The movie is available on Netflix!

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